With the development of economy and society and the improvement of people's living standards, people are becoming more and more conscious of cost performance. The emphasis on price versus brand reflects a shift in consumers' shopping philosophy.

Today, with the continuous improvement of production equipment and technology level and the increasing homogeneity of digital products, the physical properties of products are similar. New focal experience, high playability of lens, bright industrial aesthetic design, and cost-effective brands can bring consumers the best experience.

When the commodity economy develops to a certain stage, the competition of enterprises no longer stays in the price promotion, but the comprehensive competition of price and performance. In the fierce competition, Brightin Star lens successfully caught the taste buds of the market, also mastered the initiative to occupy the market.

Shenzhen Yinyao Technology Co., Ltd. began in 2005. From the initial sales company to service production company, Yinyao company has gone through more than ten years of exploration and transformation
Growing up
Product Range
In June 2018, Shenzhen Yinyao Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established. It is a company focusing on the R&D, production and sales of optical lenses. It provides excellent photographic lenses for photography lovers all over the world and has been unanimously recognized by consumers.
Company Philosophy
Adhering to the concept of "serving only optical lenses and photography lovers", the company is committed to making photography lovers around the world an "interesting soul photographer".
Independent R&D
In terms of benefits, TEM company's annual sales revenue is less than one million yuan at the beginning of its establishment, to more than hundreds of millions of yuan, with an average annual growth rate, and we will continue to make progress.
Product line
Brightin Star lens have a rich product line, from full frame to half frame, M43 frame product line. From fisheye, wide angle to humanistic focus, the product line is also various.

Brightin Star impresses every photography enthusiast with price and quality.

Brightin Star is part of Shenzhen Yinyao Technology Co., LTDwhich was founded in June 2018, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a high-tech enterprise integrating optical design, research and development and sales.

Brightin Star is committed to making it possible for ordinary photographers to have a large aperture prime lens in all focal segments. In addition to the conventional focal segment large aperture lens, it also has a wide product line covering fisheye, ultra-wide Angle, macro and a series of lenses, attracting a large number of loyal fans with high quality and cost-effective, and is also widely praised in the photography industry.

Brightin Star's orientation and philosophy is always to serve the photography enthusiasts, to make products, to develop and produce products according to the needs of users. From landscape architecture to portrait photography, to macro and fun photography, we always put the user experience first, making good lenses with high appearance level, high quality, playability and practicality.

Video by Brightin Star Lens(12mm F2.0)
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